Signs of a Nervous Breakdown Kate spade

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Signs of a Nervous Breakdown Kate spade1

That stressor can be anything from a bad break upormoney issues to grief or psychological burnout. The symptoms will vary from person to person."Our bodies and minds respond to stress in different ways," Engle explains. But here are a few typicalsigns of a nervous breakdown:Symptoms of anxiety and depression"Anxiety and depression are common, common reactions [to stress]," says Engle. "Where you get into problems is when that stressor is ongoing and persistent, and the person's coping resources are overwhelmed." If you're headed for a nervous breakdown, you mightfeel weepy, Kate spade white rock road sam or even experience episodes of uncontrollable crying, says Engle. Some people suddenly struggle with self esteem and confidence."Feeling guilt is a big one," she adds.Sleeping too much, or not enoughA change in your sleep habits is another warning sign, says Engle. "Some people find that they go into sleep overdrive," she says. "Sleep becomes an escape." Others may develop insomnia because their brain isin overdrive. They may layawake at nightruminating, she says, "mentally rehearsing situations over and over again that have no solution."Extreme tiredness could also be a clue you'restressed to the max. You might even feel weakness in your body, Engle says. Activities you previously handled with ease may become increasingly difficult. And things that used to bring you joy may lose their appeal. That includes sex, Engle adds. Loss of libido is commonly linked to stress.Changes in appetite"Maybe you're not eating, or conversely, you might be overeating," says Engle. The stress hormone cortisolcan trigger cravings for high fat, high sugarfoods. What's more, when you're in the middle of a breakdown, you may be less motivated to prep healthy meals."There's less ability to care for oneselfin the way one typically would," says Engle.Brain fogAre you having trouble concentrating? Or just feel like you're not thinking clearly? There are often cognitive symptoms with a nervous breakdown, Signs of a Nervous Breakdown Kate spade says Engle, which might include anything from difficulty with problem solving and indecisiveness to a sense of disorientation and memory loss.RELATED:12 Unexpected Things That Mess With Your MemoryKeep an eye out for classic signs of anxiety too, such as tightness in your chest and rapid breathing. Taking quick, shallow breaths can ramp up the body's stress response even more. A breathing exercise designed to slow down your breathcan provide fast relief. Shopping Kate spade With Wholesale Price: Tags: #Yupoo #kate spade #yupoo kate spade #yupoo search #Yupoo handbag #Yupoo bag #yupoo english #free vector